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case studies
Busan Global Cloud Data Center Building

Project Overview

The Busan Global Cloud Data Center is Korea′s largest data center, and maintains a complete infrastructure based on its geographic location in Busan, Asia’s hub port city. With its location safe from flood risks (including tsunamis and floods), and with earthquake resistance up to 8.0 on the Richter scale, the Busan Global Cloud Data Center keeps your data safe and protected from natural disasters.

Location: Gurang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea
Scale : 5 floors
Site area : 12‚446m²
Floor area : 32,322m²
Machine Room area :15,533m²

Busan Global Cloud Data Center

Customer Requirement


Service Offering

1) Colocation Service
- Colocation Service Specialized to the Client Business Environment

2) Complete Redundancy on the Entire Facility
- Uninterruptable(Zero Downtime) Power Supply based on the Dual Power Systems including Power Transformer Facility.
- Secured Sufficient Independent Power Generation Capacity
- Redundant and Backup Facilitation of Air Conditioning System
- Stabilized Communication Guaranteed with the Dual NW Supplier

3) Facility Control
- Integrated Facility Management
- Automatic Control System

4) Cutting-Edge Multiple Security
- Biometric Verification Security (iris, Vein and Body Weight)
- Smart Security
- Turnstile gate

5) Eco-Friendly Building Architecture
- Power Cost Savings by Utilizing Solar Power
- Power Loss Elimination by Utilizing Electric Power Saver

6) Green Temperature Control
- ″Patented Home-Grown″ Cold Aisle Containment Technology(15% Power Cost Saving)
- Free Cooling with Airside/Waterside Economizer
- Recycling of Waste Water/Air

7) Efficient Operation Management
- Real-time Monitoring and Diagnosis of Power and Air Conditioning
- IT Resource Optimization
- PUE(Power Usage Effectiveness) Management for Carbon Emission Reduction

Customer Benefit

1) Cloud center that can secure agility

2) Environmentally friendly green IT data center
- Reduced power costs through use of solar energy
- Reduction of power losses through use of power saving systems

3) Complete disaster readiness : Earthquakes‚ vibration‚ floods

4) Facilities that meet international standards(TIA–942)

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