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case studies
Suwon Homaeshil District Smart City Implementation Project Urban Infrastructure

Project Overview

Location: Gumgok-dong and Homaeshil-dong in Gwonseon-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi Province

Customer Requirement

To create a cutting-edge city of the future with a ubiquitous environment that coincides with the construction goal of the Suwon Homaeshil district as well as an image of the future city and to increase convenience and quality of city life by integrating information service into the urban space
To establish a crime prevention network that considers the unique characteristics of residential development and create a user-oriented public service and living environment that complies with an eco-friendly construction design

Service Offering

Public water supply monitoring, sewer pipe monitoring, RFID facilities management, resident protection, crime prevention vehicle detection, safe commuting for children, underpass monitoring, traffic signal control, public transportation, traffic information, crackdown on illegal stop and parking, air and water quality monitoring, wireless Internet park, and external portal

Customer Benefit

1) Provides various information services that are commensurate with the residents of the first Smart City

2) Contributes to informatization with a wide range of content portal services

3) Meets the residents′ right to know by providing various information through a wide variety of media

4) Provides services that meet the future informatization standards

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