Intelligent Operations for Building

ibm Overview

LG CNS and IBM have built a joint solution model, which is called IOB(Intelligent Operations for Building), throughout building automation and integrated management of building energy and facilities.

  • Intelligent Operation Center of IBM has strong capability in data
    analysis, process or event processing based on logics. It also has
    functions like device control, specialized applications for buildings.
  • Smart Green Platform of LG CNS has a strong connector and adaptor
    capability with Smart Connect.
    It also has 2-way HMI(Human Machine Interface) control,
    time-series data management, monitoring applications.
  • Intelligent Operations for Building enables reliability,
    efficiency and sustainability.

ibm Feature

ibm Feature

ibm Benefit

  • Integrated building control system monitoring view
  • Centralized environment for monitoring and sharing information continuously
    in respond to changing building condition
  • Hierarchical KPI management to operational efficiency and improve
    operating quality
  • KPI drill down for problem and incident analysis
  • Real-time building summary and detailed event monitoring
  • Incident escalation and SOP(Standard Operating Procedure)


IBM Singapore Technology Park building

  • Period: 2012. 01 ~ 2012. 08
  • Replace existing BMS
  • Provide operational efficiency
  • Reduce energy consumption of buildings

Busan Data Center

  • Period: 2011 ~ 2012
  • Largest data center in Asia-Pacific
  • Provide continuous and reliable power supply
  • Provide optimal center operating environment
  • Reduce energy consumption of data centers