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smart e-cloud

Collecting and managing energy data of each building to optimize the overall energy use, Smart E-Cloud provides energy monitoring equipment installation, energy control through an energy management center, diagnosis and consulting, etc.

Energy cost reduction consulting and remote energy management service are provided for groups of buildings owned by multiple customers, and the cost savings are shared

solution configuration

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Smart E-Cloud consists of total energy management service for buildings and consulting service for energy cost reduction.

  • Total energy management by installing energy efficiency equipment, controlling energy use in an operations center, and providing diagnosis and consultation
  • Continuous monitoring and periodic analysis reporting by using power usage and energy measuring devices


differentiated features and core competencies

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Energy diagnosis and operations consulting

  • Data analysis capabilities of the top energy consulting design company, Nikken design systems are applied joint consulting (Entrue and Nikken)

Energy consumption analysis and cost reduction method

  • Cloud service for each building
  • Analysis and comparison of energy data
  • Energy simulation and energy reduction guide
  • Link to the BMSs of local buildings

Establishment and operations of energy management center

  • Data collection and integration through the Smart Green City Solution
  • Comparison analysis with other buildings
  • Meter device provided in advance for sharing operating commissions and energy cost savings later


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Energy cost reduction through consulting and remote management

Efficient response to building energy-related regulations

Enhanced eco-friendly image of a business and a property

Foundation for an energy demand and supply system from a single building to an entire city.