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Smart UPS is a lithium battery-based solution for mid-to-large UPSs. The high energy density of lithium batteries in the Smart UPS makes the product light and compact. It is an eco-friendly battery that does not produce any pollutants, and the built-in real-time monitoring function maintains the batteries in an optimum condition.

solution configuration

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Smart UPS consists of integrated monitoring, UPS and batteries.

  • Smart UPS - Integrated battery monitoring
    • Monitoring of multiple UPS batteries in a central location
    • A complete view of low voltage and false voltage alarm information and notification to control center/SMS dissemination
    • Replacement cycle prediction
    • Elimination of the need for regular inspections with real-time surveillance


differentiated features and core competencies

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Achieving safety and reliability of batteries

  • A highly reliable new method has been applied, thereby obtaining an international patent for the first time in the country (LGC signed an MOU for mid-to-large batteries in Aug. 2011)
  • International patent (superposition electrochemical cell and its manufacturing method)
  • Safety, performance and quality of batteries have been proven through various customers (GM, Renault, etc.)
    and actual product use.
  • The quality of batteries was certified by UL, the most reliable safety certification organization. It also passed all tests of customers that adopted these batteries.

Monitoring and responding to fault step by step through systematic battery monitoring facilities

  • Battery status is monitored and controlled
  • Self-diagnostics and protection function is provided
  • Any deterioration from aging is early detected

Applying integrated management of batteries and UPS with an easily scalable platform

  • Multiple UPSs and battery systems are integrated for efficient control and quick response
  • Problems such as power outage and voltage drop are promptly addressed
  • Expansion and integration into a platform-based system is easy


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  • Real-time monitoring through the BMS
    • Monitors module unit voltage, current, and temperature
    • Emits warning signals if a module malfunctions
    • Real-time surveillance eliminates the need for regular inspections
  • Operating environment improvement
    • Reduces volume by 50% in comparison to a lead battery system
    • Preserves spare space through volume reduction
    • Overcomes the installation space limit by reducing the weight by over 70%: basements above-ground floors
  • Management point reduction
    • Reduces management check points in comparison to a lead battery system
    • Reduces volume and defects
  • Management and deployment cost reduction
    • Reduces wiring costs through battery system volume reduction
    • Reduces wiring and management costs by operating on the floors above ground
    • Predicts replacement cycle