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Smart Green City Solution is the solution for the realization of the smart green city through intelligent & efficient management of environment, energy, urban infrastructure, and buildings. Find out how it changes your city, buildings, multi-site buildings and urban infrastructure through the images below by clicking the tabs and icons below.

High cost

  • Difficulty of adding new services or facilities
  • High operation and maintenance cost

Monotonous system

  • Monotonous services, regardless of building types
  • Difficulty of modifying and complementing users’ needs

Individual domain

  • Development focusing on individual domain and special solution (BMS, BEMS, U-City, ITS, etc.)

Vendor Dependent

  • Limits of compatibility with other vendor devices
  • Separated system for each vendor, or unified one-vendor system

Integrated environment for operating buildings

Here's a building. Various building systems and components such as mechanical, electrical, lighting, energy, fire safety systems, and parking systems have been imple- mented and operated separately. Until now, integrated management systems have only been available at tremendous costs and efforts. With the Smart Green City Solution system, it's possible to integrate and manage all systems without any extra installations.

Simplified building system



SGP not applied

SGP not applied

before implementing Smart Green City Solution, Mechanical, electrical, lighting and parking systems are managed and controlled individually by disparate adaptors, screens, and servers.

After implementing Smart Green City Solution, these complicated systems are integrated into a single and easily manageable system. Individual servers are no longer necessary. The management status of all systems is displayed on a single screen and can easily be viewed at the same time. This is the exclusive technology of LG CNS. LG CNS' independently developed smart connect and smart ESB make all of this possible. Smart Connect makes it possible to add devices without altering services by simply adding adapters. Smart ESB converts data structures when interfacing with outer systems such as parking, fire safety and elevator controls. As you can see, Smart Green City Solution provides the ultimate integrated management system.

Operating environment for remotely
managing building clusters

Using a remote management solution, Smart Green City Solution allows you to remotely manage multiple buildings in real-time. This innovative solution increases efficiency by managing energy use and controlling buildings and facilities across the city at the same time. It also contributes to cost reduction by implementing 24-hour unmanned operation system.

Efficiency of building cluster management

Maintenance and repair are by far the single largest expense in building operations and management, accounting for 83.2% of the total costs. With Smart Green City Solution's building group management, a reduction up to 30% of the labor cost can be achieved. In total, Smart Green City Solution can save 20% of a building's life cycle costs.

UMC (Urban Management Center)

The data collected from various monitoring devices across the city are sent to the UMC and compiled and analyzed by Smart Green City, which allows the UMC to serve as an information hub for city facilities maintenance, safety and convenience for citizens, and energy efficiency.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Light provides not only street lighting but also event lighting (brightness and color of lights change according to the motions of people around), music listening, CCTVs for facilities security, and wireless Internet. Using the installed ambient light sensor, it automatically adjusts the brightness to match the lighting conditions of the surroundings, thus helping reduce electricity bill.

Digital Signage

First introduced at the FES images show in Las Vegas, U.S., media facade of Smart Signage technology has increased commercial and esthetic values of them buildings in the area, turning into a landmark in Las Vegas. As Smart Signage supports a wide range of image formats and provides an environment for efficient data transmission and editing, various types of content can be linked together depending on the physical space and the system of advertisers.

Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant monitors the data collected from various sensors in the power plant in real-time. It provides users with the information necessary to keep the facilities and systems in optimal conditions through the data integrated and analyzed at major points such as from solar power modules to power transmission

Security & Safety

Security & Safety enables prompt response to each situation such as resident evacuation, situation reporting to the police and fire department, blockage of surrounding roads, and information dissemination through Digital Signage. It also provides safe evacuation for residents and rapid response for building owners, thereby minimizing the damage caused by disasters.

Leakage Detection

To manage water resources and energy use of a city, water leak occurred from old, worn-out pipes and facilities must be addressed. Leakage is detected any signs of water leak and identified leak locations by collecting data from various sensors installed at the major points of a pipe network. It also consolidates all tasks related to water leak in connection with the integrated situation control of the UMC.

Saving cost

  • By introducing the Smart Green City Solution, you can reduce implementation period, energy operating costs, and building life-cycle costs.

Smart Green City Solution is a city operating system

  • Smart Green City Solution enables a variety of devices and facilities to be controlled by a single system just like a computer OS facilitates and hardware components.
  • Instead of spending time on complicated device configuration and combination, you can focus on operating cities more efficiently.

Smart Green City Solution is applicable in any space

  • Smart Green City Solution is designed to various types of spaces. Towns, office buildings, schools, hospitals and every space in which people would like to lead better lives could all be opportunities for Smart Green City Solution.

Service on demand

  • Although single component of Smart Green City Solution can be used in your city. It's service can be combined flexibly.
  • You can compose it's component on demand. No matter how you arrange the services, they can be perfectly united.