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Solution for Factory is a total solution that are seeking to improve efficiency and profitability in their production processes and facilities (utility, environment, safety) operations, thereby suggesting an optimal system for customer satisfaction.


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  • Basic characteristics of a factory business
    • Intelligent facility systems (utility, security, safety) are required due to lack of operating personnel
    • Integration is required between the current dual systems
    • Scalability and flexibility are required to adapt to frequent changes due to short life-spans of products
    • Response system is required for eco-friendliness and energy saving
  • Voices Of Customers
    • Customers with little investment experience lack their own engineering planning and designing capabilities.
    • Line designs mainly focusing on capacity and building structure require continuous investment after completion.
    • Their internal capabilities are insufficient to apply changes in the external business environment (compliance, green issues, etc.) to the systems and site processes.
    • Vendor exclusivity prevents easy modification or maintenance (standardized technology required).
    • Systems, processes, site operations and facilities are not tightly integrated, thus resulting in low operational efficiency.

solution components

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Factory Solution consists of integrated monitoring for facilities information collection/control, data analysis and emergency response/corrective action, and the IBS system that enables integration of production/quality systems and includes a central control center.


differentiated features and core competencies

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  • Solution with integrated/remote monitoring capabilities
    • Web-based solution architecture enabling integrated & remote monitoring of utilities in a factory.
    • Minimized downtime
    • Fault response procedure based on a well-constructed manual
    • User-centered monitoring/control
    • Single solution regardless of countries or regions
  • International environmental standards certified solution for more efficient energy management
    • Trend analysis of utility facilities and relevance analysis of different facilities
    • Fundamental solution for better energy saving
  • Environmental control solution linked with production system
    • Compatibility with production system standard interface
    • Flexible response to protocol changes
    • Platform that can be controlled by linking with production system
  • Feedback control solution between facilities
    • Easy integration between different facilities
    • Automatic control through a relevance analysis between facilities