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Since a hospital is a place where patients with low resistance to temperature, humidity changes, and pathogens receive treatments or operations or deliver babies, the presence of optimal automated system is more significant than anywhere else.

Major features of hospital HVAC system

  • Provides precise temperature and humidity control for each medical procedure
  • Maintains clean air quality and a hygienic environment, avoiding harmful bacterial growth
  • Prevents hospital-acquired infections with ventilation and indoor airflow control

Solution for hospital provides integrated control of hospital, equipment, and facilities. It continuously monitors the HVAC system for each room, temperature and humidity, and air quality, all of which enable more efficient facilities management optimized for the unique needs of hospital environments.

Solution for hospital increases patient convenience and operational efficiency with a one-stop service system for parking, reservation, treatment and payment while decreasing energy costs through energy efficiency management and eco-friendly energy consumption.
It also provides a patient-focused care environment optimized for patient safety and convenience.


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