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Solution for airport consists of remote surveillance system for unattended facilities located in remote areas and automated control system for efficient control of the surveillance systems for user safety, facilities protection from external intruders and disaster prevention.


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According to best practice examples from around the world operating eco-friendly, carbon reduction program, reuse gray water, operating BEMS, green building, sustainable design and practices are being introduced.


differentiated features and core competencies

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Flexible, expansible, and connected services

  • Open architecture for any device and system
  • Connection Hub for various kinds of systems
  • Device middleware
  • Event-driven control
  • Business process and algorithm management

Group management of control & monitoring

  • Converged operation system without new SIs
  • Efficient each building management through the terminal operation control center
  • Optimized operation process for real-time operation, device life extension
  • Convergence SOP procedure included in the platform

High developed energy management & analysis

  • It covers all the functions of current BEMS solutions : CO₂ emission, Cost Management, etc.
  • It provides built-in energy uses improvement programs
  • Beyond BEMS, wide-EMS can be applied
  • By adopting Smart Green City Solution, two grades of LEED certificate jumps up


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Cost savings

  • Reduce HR cost by integration
  • Reduce utility cost by efficient management
  • Low SI cost to expand adding systems


  • Seamless system interface
  • Easy to expand
  • Provide integration scenario to minimize damage when emergency

Green management

  • Energy saving architecture
  • Assist to gain LEED certification 2 level upgrade
  • Integrated management of all systems

Mobile infra

  • Base on mobile structure to operate & maintenance
  • Web-access can control & monitor, management with using smart devices