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Solution for Complex Mall provides optimized and customized management and monitoring for complexes that are developed to serve various functions such as residence, office work, commercial purposes, public facilities, hospital, etc.

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A ComplexMall has a wide variety of commercial facilities, so the functions and management required also vary.
The individual special services with a unique purpose are integrated on top of the basic building facilities management to provide optimized service.


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Differentiated Features and Core Competencies

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Operating environment customized for the purpose of a building

  • Provides a building operating environment optimized for commercial tenants.

Optimized services to meet the requirements and characteristics of commercial tenants

  • Provides customized services based on each customer's requirements and characteristics, since diverse customer groups are concentrated in the area.
  • Allows each customer group to select services such as energy reduction, user service automation, and customer service convenience, etc.

Comprehensive customer service through linking all the tenants in the complex

  • Provides comprehensive information through a unified window by integrating the information on each tenant’s life patterns and preferences, there by interconnecting services between tenants.
  • Establishes an integrated service model for tenants.


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Building owners

  • Increased property value (green building certificate)
  • maximization of rent revenue
  • operating cost reduction


  • Maximized lease profit on the investment


  • Reduced utility bills through efficient energy management
  • Optimized environment for visitors

An increase in property value through a green building certificate (2-level increase with a LEED certificate)

It is possible to increase the LEED certificate level up to 2 levels (up to 30 points). LEED is the most influential green building certification program in the world with over 30,000 registered projects in over 41 countries.

Operating cost reduction through the SGP

Operations and maintenance costs account for the biggest part in building management costs. However, it is possible to decrease the labor costs under the SGP through the group management of a building. As a whole, a total of the building life cycle costs can be reduced.